Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Gloves. The mystical art of....

You will be pleased and no doubt re-assured that as socially amazing as we are and awesomely hunky as we are, we still like to take time to try out things that come in to the store that are new.

I am trying out a new set of gloves we sell as an experiment to see what they are like over the whole season of winter.  Gloves, second to my helmet, are the most important bit of riding kit and i tend not to scrimp on them, my leather Giro gloves are testament to this and the fact they make me look like I just stepped out of Neverland is an extra bonus.

Being a profuse sweater I suffer from very wet hands when riding. I can't tell you how annoying this is. Wet insides to your gloves are so irritating it is unreal. Waterproof gloves seem to exacerbate the issue as they are designed to keep water out but they also have the amazing by product of keeping water (sweat) IN!

So last night I decided to pick the humble sub£40 waterproof glove from PRO and start riding it.

I will use them every day and every weekend that I go riding and might even use them for running when not on the bike and still needing some protection.

Initial impressions: http://www.thebikechain.co.uk/PRO-X-Pert-Glove-M-201110140603/
1. They are not too chunky (ace!)
2. They are warm
3. They are quite movable so I felt all the controls were usable on the bars
4. They are a lot of glove for the money
5. They don't offer a huge amount of hand grip but in reality they actually work well...
6. Sizing is odd. I am a textbook medium and these are an XL that fit me.

Keep checking here for updates - if there is no update, assume all is good in gloveworld.

UPDATE - 17/11/11
Gloves are performing well. Not too sweaty and they are warm.
One small thing I need to fix on the bike though that I have noticed... because the gloves are of a reasonable size it means that when riding with drop levers you may need to keep on top of lever throw if using cantilever brakes.  The habit of tucking fingers behind the brake levers is something  I need to stop!

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