Thursday, 1 December 2011

Nut cracking

New helmets arrived today - The POC Trabec.

This is good news cause I have broken 2 in the past few years and was looking for a new MTB helmet so this will be the one for me until next time I hit the deck.

Road helmets are a little chilly sometimes on cold hillsides and even colder when standing at red lights on the commute so this will solve those problems too.

Colour choice is always a hard one but these only come in black right now so that will do! Don't have to think about it.

Must try not to hit the deck again...

Going to give it it's 1st test ride tonight so will report back on fit and sweatiness ratios.

EDIT: 8/12/11

Fantastic fit on these - actually hard to remember you have a helmet on.  Really liking the fact my glasses don't get interfered with either so that's a massive bonus being a speccy 4 eyes.

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