Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Headwinds... in more than one sense.

You know what a headwind is.  You all know what it's like to ride into one.

It's an invisible force.  A force that makes you dance up through the gears and adjust your position whilst trying to remember what your school physics teacher taught you about aerodynamics all those years ago (bet you wished you had paid more attention sometimes).

It's great though cause on the other side of a headwind you get a tail wind. That's the opposite of rubbish - you get to dance down the gears and tear along with other traffic on equal terms.

Being an invisible force, you can only feel it's effects and it's easy to adjust to it. You just pedal harder and the desired outcome is achieved. You beat through it and come out the other side a bit blustered but feeling better for it.

It's an analogy that can extend to normal everyday life too.  There is always something conspiring to hold you back. Sometimes invisible, sometimes visible - sometimes you can adjust 1 thing and you change direction. You get the tailwind.  The visible headwind is a harder beast to master though; you can see it, you know what it is, but it's precisely these reasons that makes it a harder wall to climb.  Your actions to combat it are predictable and easily seen by the force - they expect a certain response.  Sometimes knowing stuff doesn't help - it's good  not to know.

When you can't see what's there I reckon it makes you fight a little differently, a little smarter, a little bit more elemental. A simple, response to a simple stimulus.

Headwinds are good. You get fitter, faster and stronger to make the most of the tailwind.

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